About The Cavalier


Facts to Consider About the Cavalier

  • Cavaliers are house dogs who want to be with their human family members and will follow them from room to room.
  • Cavaliers need training by their new owners to become well-adjusted, well-trained members of the family.
  • This breed loves children who are gentle and well behaved. Children who are loud, boisterous or rough will frighten a Cavalier.
  • Cavaliers are a long-haired breed and need regular grooming to avoid a tangled or matted coat.
  • Cavaliers are not “street smart” because of this trait; when outdoors they should be either kept on leashes or monitored in fenced yards.
  • Breeders recommend a fenced in yard or a breeder-approved containment system for a Cavalier. The fence and gate must be secure enough at the bottom so the dog cannot slip or dig out from under, as well as tall enough (at least 5’).
  • Primary Health Concern: Mitral Valve Disease; Breeding Cavaliers must be screened by board certified cardiologists.
  • The breed has the highest percent increase over the past decade in terms of popularity — having moved up the AKC’s list from 75th in 1996 to 27th in 2006 – a 511% increase. Therefore, you must be extra-diligent in locating a reputable breeder as unscrupulous breeders and importers abound.

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