Breeder Referral

This section of the website lists active breeder members by affixes. While Great Lakes CKCSC does not endorse or recommend specific breeders, we do use this resource to locate breeders who are members in good standing of the Great Lakes CKCSC, Inc. 

The breeders on this list agree to the following ethical guidelines (Click here

Breeder Member List-
Alphabetically Listed by Last name.  Current Board Members first, followed by other current club members. 

Name: Brenda Bromley
Great Lakes CKCSC President
Affix: Lil’Tails
E mail:
Tel: 231-519-2852

Name: Deb Hedges
Great Lakes CKCSC Treasurer
Affix: Bepa Cavaliers
E mail:

Name: Carol Lynn Johnson
Great Lakes Corresponding Secretary
Affix: BellaFleur

Name: Jennifer Lee
Great Lakes CKCSC Vice President/Breeder Referral/Website/Media
Affix: Kingslee
E mail:
Tel: 231-499-3965

Joyce Quinlan
Great Lakes CKCSC Board Member
Affix: White Dove
E mail:
Tel: 248-666-9015

Name: Teresa Silva
Great Lakes Membership Chair
Affix: Whiteriver
E mail:
Tel: 231-861-5001

Name: Deb Hamblen
Affix: Ringside Cavaliers
E mail:

Name: Suzanne Pouncey
Affix: Cedarcrest
E mail: