Dog agility is a sport in which the dog is directed by its handler through an obstacle course. It is a race of speed and consistency, where the dog with the fastest time and fewest penalties wins. Dogs are divided into various divisions determined by their height, so that dogs of similar height and stride length compete together, as well as various skill levels. Some organizations offer not only the “Standard Classes” but also “ Games”. Every course is different and the handler must assess the course, decide on the best handling strategies to direct the dog through the course.

The obstacles the dog performs consists of various jumps, weave poles, open tunnels, pause table, closed tunnel, and what are considered the contact obstacles, A-frame, Dog Walk, and teeter, where there is a yellow contact zone that the dog must make contact with or they will be disqualified.

It is very important for a dog to be structurally sound when being considered for an agility prospect. Agility is a high-impact sport that places a lot of stress on the dog’s body, as they jump, make sharp turns, climb and weave. If structure is not considered , the dog will easily become injured and not hold up to the wear and tear placed on them while they are playing the sport.

Some of the organizations the offer agility competitions:
American Kennel Club-AKC
United Kennel Club- UKC
North American Dog Agility Counsel-NADAC
Canine performance Events-CPE
United States Dog Agility Association-USDAA
Teacup Dog Agility Association-TDAA

NA-Novice Agility Standard
NAJ-Novice Agility Jumpers with Weaves
NF-Novice Fifteen and Send Time
OA-Open Agility Standard
OAJ-Open Agility Jumpers with Weaves
OF-Open Fifteen and Send Time
T2B-Time to Beat
AX-Excellent Agility Standard
AXJ-Excellent Agility Jumpers with Weaves
XF-Excellent Fifteen and Send Time
MX-Master Agility Standard
MXJ-Master Agility Jumpers with Weaves
MXF-Master Fifteen and Send Time
MACH-Master Agility Champion

Enjoy the videos of Trinket, a black & tan Cavalier owned by Kari (also pictured above)


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