Lamont Yoder

Lamont grew up in a family of pet owners, and after researching breeds for his next pet in the 1980s, his first Cavalier came into his world in 1989.  In less than a year he added a second Cavalier and was hooked on the breed and the sport after his first show resulted in a ribbon among a huge puppy class under Susan Burgess with his first show dog, a tricolor female named Holly.  What Lamont didn’t know at the time was how his life would be impacted by Cavaliers, as his soul mate in life and wife had started her lifetime in Cavaliers just a few years earlier, in another country, with a tricolor female named Holly.  They would meet competing against each other at a dog show years later.


Lamont began breeding under the affix of Rattlebridge with Al & Meredith Johnson-Snyder while learning from their network of professional handlers and well tenured breeders and veterinarians in the local all breed kennel club.  Those years served him very well as he learned from many local, regional and a few national expert breeders and handlers who willingly shared with him their expertise, knowledge and a few tricks of the trade of which they would deny if ever shared.


In 1998, Charlene left her boarding-grooming-training business in Canada to move to Ohio and soon Lamont and Charlene were married, beginning to breed Cavaliers under the Woftam affix.   Over the past 10 years, Lamont and Charlene slowed in their breeding and showing temporarily to place priority on raising their children Ryan, 13 and Julia, 12 and supporting Lamont’s career focus.


Together, Lamont & Charlene have bred, owned, co-owned and showed over 60 champions in the breed, shown Cavaliers in six countries, imported a number of dogs from the U.K., and have met the most incredible people around the world as a result of our mutual love for this wonderful breed.  In addition to all the people he has met, Lamont’s highlights include his breeder/owner/handled all breed Best In Show win, and his National Specialty Best in Show win, one as breeder, one as co-owner.  Relocating to Scottsdale, Arizona in 2010, Lamont currently serves as the CEO of four hospitals and eight cancer centers in Arizona and Colorado for Banner Health, Arizona’s largest employer.


As a founding member of the ACKCSC, Lamont served as the inaugural Membership Chair, part of the “Original 12” to form the parent club and accomplish AKC recognition.